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Not sure why Google and other top search engines are not giving your website a higher ranking? As a market leader in SEO, we offer SEO audit services that deliver a successful search engine optimization strategy.

Unleash Your Website's Potential

Why Choose Our SEO Audit Service

To keep your site optimized, SEO audits are required. It will help you develop an effective SEO strategy moving forward by providing insights into the overall performance of your website. It is critical to audit your website frequently because Google Search Essentials and search engine algorithms are constantly changing.

Our SEO Audit Service is designed to provide you with an in-depth analysis of your website's SEO performance. With the help of our team of experts and cutting-edge tools, we provide an extensive analysis that reveals important insights and opportunities for optimization. Utilize our expertise to reveal your website's true potential and achieve enduring growth in search engine rankings.

Unparalleled Expertise

Every audit is conducted by a seasoned SEO professional from our team, who ensures you receive in-depth analysis and practical advice.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every website is unique, which is why we tailor our audit services to your specific needs, providing personalized strategies to maximize your website's performance. We are aware that every website is different. We tailor our SEO audit services to meet your unique requirements while offering a tailored strategy for enhancing the performance of your website.

Cutting-Edge Tools

We conduct an exhaustive analysis of your website using cutting-edge SEO audit tools and technologies, looking at every aspect to find areas where it can be improved.

Actionable Recommendations

Our comprehensive audit reports offer precise, actionable recommendations that enable you to make informed decisions and implement successful SEO tactics to achieve lasting results.

Comprehensive SEO Analysis & Recommendations

What Is Included In Our SEO Audit Service?

Our SEO Audit Service includes an in-depth examination of key factors influencing your website’s search engine visibility and performance. We assist you in identifying and addressing critical SEO issues with the help of our thorough analysis and personalized recommendations.

Our team performs comprehensive SEO audits that are entirely transparent. We will examine your site’s on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to see what is working (and what isn’t) and develop a step-by-step action plan relying on best SEO practices.

On-Page Optimization

Your SEO audit service begins with on-page SEO, where we identify issues such as meta tags, headings, thin content, internal linking structure, URL structure, and many more On-page elements. Along with pointing them out, Salt Marketing will offer suggestions for how to fix them.

Technical SEO Analysis

Technical SEO is a multifaceted and complex process that can involve examining various ranking factors. Our experts meticulously examine your website's technical aspects, from responsiveness to site architecture to site speed. In addition, to ensure optimal performance and indexing, we investigate your website's crawl errors and schema markup,htaccess file, Robots.txt, and sitemap.

Backlink Profile Examination

We evaluate the backlink profile of your website, identifying high-quality links, harmful backlinks, and opportunities for link building to increase the authority and reliability of your website.

Content Assessment

Our SEO audit service includes a review of the effectiveness, relevancy, and quality of the content on your website and offers suggestions for improving the overall user experience and adhering to SEO best practices.

Competitive Analysis

We evaluate the SEO tactics used by your competitors, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages, to give you a competitive edge and create efficient optimization strategies.

Local SEO Optimization

We evaluate your local SEO efforts for organizations targeting local audiences, including local listings, Google Business Profile (GMB) optimization, NAP consistency, and customer reviews, to increase your visibility in local search results.

Along with the previously mentioned aspects, we will also review the site architecture, track SEO performance, check for duplicate content, mobile friendliness, user experience (UX) issues, set tracking codes, index sites, and make sure the site is crawlable as part of our SEO audit service. We will also offer solutions to any problems that may arise.

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Personalized Attention and Support


We will have a consultation to evaluate your unique requirements and the kind of technical SEO product that will help your website the most.

Unlimited Content Edits


We will identify requirements and request access to your site’s properties, according to the chosen audit, such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics.

In-Depth Analysis and Research


Once we have access, we will carry out the audit, which entails a review of every element of your website.

Monitoring, Reporting, and Continuous Optimization


We will accumulate all of the information into a final report. The solutions will be provided as per their impact on the website's ranking.

Customized Strategy Development


After consultation with our SEO industry experts, a special marketing strategy and action plan will be developed for your website.

Performance Optimization


After final reporting, the audit is delivered to you.

Transparent Pricing for Website Audit Service

Looking for plans and pricing? Get Affordable Pricing Plans for Comprehensive Audit Service

Take a proactive step toward improving your online presence by selecting one of our transparent and affordable pricing options intended to serve businesses of all sizes. At Salt Marketing, we give top priority to developing personalized plans for our clients that focus on your business’s goals.

Features Basic Plan Advanced Plan
Pricing USD 249 USD 349
Technical SEO Analysis circle-checked circle-checked
On-Page Optimization circle-checked circle-checked
Keyword Research & Analysis circle-checked circle-checked
Comprehensive website audit report circle-checked circle-checked
Customized Audit Report circle-checked circle-checked
Ongoing Support & Consultation circle-checked circle-checked
Consultation and support 2 Hours 4 Hours
Meta tags optimization circle-crossmark circle-checked
Backlink Profile Evaluation circle-crossmark circle-checked
Content Strategy Review circle-crossmark circle-checked
UX Analysis circle-crossmark circle-checked
Local SEO Optimization circle-crossmark circle-checked
SEO Performance Tracking circle-crossmark circle-checked
Penalty & Risk Assessment circle-crossmark circle-checked
60-day post-audit support circle-crossmark circle-checked

Comprehensive Breakup of Our Audit Service Plan

Technical SEO Analysis

On-Page Optimization

Keyword Research and Analysis

Backlink Profile Evaluation

Content Strategy Review

User Experience (UX) Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Local SEO Optimization

SEO Performance Tracking

Penalty and Algorithmic Risk Assessment

Customized Audit Report

Ongoing Support and Consultation

Ready to Boost Your Website's Performance with Our Website Audit Service?

Use our Website Audit Service to explore your website’s unrealized potential. Our team of professionals will perform a thorough analysis and offer you personalized recommendations to improve the functionality of your website. You can finally put an end to your search and rely on us to optimize your website for success because of our expertise and commitment to delivering results.
Choose a Website Plan and Get Perfect SEO Audit Services That Drive Results

Achieve maximum ROI with Salt Marketing’s SEO Audit Services

Your website is visible to the audience if it performs well on search results pages. You are one step closer to getting the traffic your site deserves. Our SEO audits will help you start ranking better in search results by identifying the problems that are preventing you from moving forward.

Salt Marketing In House SEO Team
Dedicated SEO analyst responsible for building report and strategy with his one-inhouse team No ownership. Multiple team members trying to find out recommendations on their own.
Set of premium tools which help our team to generate comprehensive data and used further for analysis Generally rely on fee tools which have limited information.
Top down approach.Strategies and plans built based on business goals and aspirations. Bottom-up approach. Strategies built on theories, and other best practices. Not always helpful.
Dedicated project manager and tools to maintain the pace and track of the project. No dedicated resource, tools or centralized system. Files and documentation is always scattered.

Case Studies of Our SEO Audit Services

Compete and win… today, tomorrow, and forever. Our SEO specialists keep you one step ahead of Google’s algorithm changes to prevent you from thinking about them. We want you to be our next success story!

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Gain insights into the experiences of our satisfied clients with our SEO Audit Services through their testimonials. Our clients share how our SEO audits have positively impacted their digital presence. Read these testimonials to understand the value we bring and the level of satisfaction our clients have achieved with our SEO Audit Services.

FAQs about SEO audit services

Learn more about SEO audit services? Check out our auditing FAQs.

What are SEO audit services?
SEO agencies offer SEO auditing services, which include an examination of your website to identify any issues that are preventing your site from ranking higher in organic search results. These services usually include documentation of issues discovered, fixes recommended, and guidance during implementation.
Our SEO Audit report generally takes 5-7 days, depending on the size of your website. Throughout this period, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your website using our specialized SEO audit services. This allows us to develop a tailored strategy and offer guidance on necessary changes to enhance your site’s performance in organic search rankings.
Yes, It’s an essential step to kick-start your SEO journey. An SEO Audit provides an in-depth analysis of your website’s issues and helps you resolve them. You can identify which areas of your website are effective and which areas need improvement.
Yes, some free tools and resources can help you perform a basic SEO audit. However, you should regularly audit your website, and for this, you will need to hire a skilled SEO expert. Fixing problems identified during an SEO audit is among the quickest ways to enhance your website’s performance in search.
Yes, but this service would be extra to the audit. Once the report has been finished, we can give you a price estimate if you want.
An SEO Audit will help your business to target the right audience and compete with your competitors. If you are considering professional SEO services, contact us today!
Small businesses choose Salt Marketing for SEO audit services because we understand their unique needs and challenges. With our expertise in delivering effective SEO strategies tailored to small businesses, we provide personalized solutions that help them increase their online visibility, attract targeted traffic, and drive growth. Partnering with Salt Marketing means accessing comprehensive SEO audits backed by exceptional customer support, ensuring that small businesses receive the attention and results they deserve.


Need more than an SEO Audit?

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